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Monday, August 30, 2010

SLI Loan; instalements for repayment increased.

          In G.O (P) No.460/2010/Fin dated 18/08/2010  Government have enhanced the number of monthly instalments for repayment of the SLI loan sanctioned to policy holders from 20 to 36 instalments. Sanction is also accorded to adjust the balance, if any, outstanding in the existing loan from the new loan availed as in the case of GPF.

          For more details, please click here to download the order.


  1. Thank you sir for your service. I would like to know, how they calculate the loan amount.

  2. Sir,
    One employee in my school has availed SLI loan. I have entered the details in SPARK .When I processed this months' salary bill monthly deduction of this SLI loan can be seen both in inner and outer bills, but there is no entry in the SLI schedule. How can I set it right? Awaiting your earliest reply

  3. @Chc Erumely,
    Sorry for the delayed reply. Again sorry for not knowing the answer. :-(

    @Suja Ramesh
    Sorry. I am not using SPARK now. So it is better to contact Muhammed Sir for SPARK doubts.


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