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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crediting of DA arrear to PF; time-limit extended

          In G.O (P) No.464/2010/Fin dated 27/08/2010, Government have ordered that the time limit for crediting the arrears of DA sanctioned from 1.1.2008, 1.7.2008, 1.1.2009, 1.7.2009 to the PF account of the employee will be extended up to 19.11.2010. The DA arrears can be claimed in the salary bill up to November 2010 and credited to PF account without fail.

           For more details, please click here to download the order.

Monday, August 30, 2010

SLI Loan; instalements for repayment increased.

          In G.O (P) No.460/2010/Fin dated 18/08/2010  Government have enhanced the number of monthly instalments for repayment of the SLI loan sanctioned to policy holders from 20 to 36 instalments. Sanction is also accorded to adjust the balance, if any, outstanding in the existing loan from the new loan availed as in the case of GPF.

          For more details, please click here to download the order.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Returning Pensioner's half of PPO

          In G.O (P) No.442/10/Fin dated 10/08/2010  Government have ordered to return the pensioner’s half of Pension Payment Order to the pensioners drawing pension through PTSB. Sanction is also accorded for noting rate of pension in PTSB Pass Book for which additional sheet will be provided in the Pass Book.

          For more details, please click here to download the order.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Symbol for Indian Rupee

          In Circular No.77/2010/Fin dated 12/08/2010  Government have directed all Government Officers, Staff and Employees in the State to use the above symbol of Indian Rupee instead of any other sign presently in use.
          Please click here to download the circular.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Online Regn. for Departmental Tests

               Kerala Public Service Commission has started Online Registration for Departmental Tests. Every candidate appearing for a Departmental Test from January 2011 onwards, should register their details (Personal, Official & Communication details) before applying for examination. The Registration need to be performed only once and you should log in using this User ID and password for every application for Departmental or Special Test or any other activities related with Departmental Examinations (Like apply for an examination, download your hall ticket, view examination result, apply for certificates etc).
               The candidate should upload a recent photograph for the registration. The size of the photograph in digital format should be 150 x 200 pixels, with a maximum size of 30 Kb. The back ground of the photgraph should be in light shade, with clearly visible face. The digital form of the photograph obtained from the Studio can be easily transformed into the required specification using any of the Image Processing Softwares like MS-Paint, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP etc.
               Though the registration has already started, you would be able to apply for an examination only on issuing of notification for the examination and until the last date.
               Please click here to go to the online registration page in Kerala PSC website. Click on sign up option for new registation.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Onam Advance, Ad hoc bonus & Special Festival Allowance

   In G.O (P) No.439/2010/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have ordered that an Onam Advance of Rs.7500/- will be paid to all employees. The amount of advance will recovered in five equal installments as usual.The advance will be drawn and disbursed from 18.08.2010 onwards.
   For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order.

   In G.O (Ms) No.440/10/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have sanctioned Onam Advance of Rs.1000/-  to part-time contingent employees and other categories as listed in the G.O. The Advance will be recovered in five equal monthly instalments and in 21 weekly instalments in the case of persons getting weekly wages.
   For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order.

   In G.O (P) No.438/2010/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have sanctioned an Ad Hoc Bonus of Rs.2750/- for those who drawing total emoluments not exceeding Rs.10750/-
   Government have also ordered Special Festival Allowance of Rs.1500/- for those employees drawing total emoluments above Rs.10750/- in the revised scales.
   State service pensioners and family pensioners will be given a special festival allowance of Rs.400/- and Rs.300/- respectively.
   For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order.
Updated on 13.8.2010
   In G.O (P) No.449/10/Fin dated 13/08/2010 Government have ordered partial modification to G.O (P) No.438/2010/Fin dated 07/08/2010  to the effect that Part-time Contingent employees including those working in aided educational institutions listed under para 7 (x) of the G.O are eligible for either Special Festival Allowance or Ad hoc Bonus whichever is higher.
   For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order.

   In G.O (P) No.448/10/Fin dated 13/08/2010 Government have ordered that Onam Advance can be be drawn in multiples of Rs.500/- subject to a maximum of Rs.7500/-
   For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order. 
   In G.O (P) No.444/2010/Fin dated 12/08/2010  Government have ordered that Special Festival Allowance of Rs.500/- will be paid to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA Workers). The allowance will be drawn and disbursed from 18/08/2010 onwards.
    For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order.