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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Early Disbursement of Salary and Pension

          In view of the ensuing Onam festival,  in G.O (P) No. 419/2010/Fin dated 29/07/2010  Government have ordered early disbursement of Salary and Pension.
          The pay and allowances/salaries of Employees of the State Govt. including full time and part time contingent employees, work establishment staff and NMR workers of all Departments and employees of Aided Schools, Colleges and Polytechnics for the month of August 2010 will be disbursed from the treasuries as follows...

18.8.2010    Educational institutions and Department of Administration of Justice coming under Par A & B of Article 75 (b)(i) of KFC Vol.I

19.8.2010    Remaining Departments coming under Part A and Part B of Article 75 (b)(i) of KFC Vol. I

20.8.2010    Departments coming under Part C of Article 75 (b)(i) of KFC Vol. I

The pension for the month of September 2010 will also be disbursed to State Service Pensioners/ Family Pensioners and KFF pensioners on 16.8.2010 and 17.8.2010

       For more details, please click here to downlaod the Order from finance dept. website.


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