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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New SDO - Procedures

          When a new SDO is appointed, he/she should follow some procedures to start drawing his/her salary from treasury.

# Request for a Specimen Signature Card. A copy of posting order or RTC should be attached.
- RTC should be countersigned by the controlling officer if it is a provisional appointment. -
# Signature card get attested by another SDO. Preferably a SDO who is drawing his/her salary from the same treasury.
# It is better, the specimen signatures of the new SDO be in black ink which will ease the scanning process.
# Return the same to the treasury (bring the bill book with it, if he/she is a DDO).
# Write SDO code behind the card (date of charge taken, DDO code, PD A/c no.s if any, if he/she is a DDO)
- In the case of a fresh SDO, the SDO code will be alloted from the treasury only after submitting the SDO proforma -
# Submit SDO proforma
# Submit application for TSB A/c



  2. Sir,
    There is no differences in SPARK era, as the steps mentioned above has no connection with bill making.

  3. after submission of SDO proforma,when the sdo code available?

  4. i joined on mrch 10 in pwd dept. i got my pay slip on june 20
    can i get my salary as a whole amount(from march to june) at a time?

    1. Normally you will get the SDO code with in days after submitting SDO proforma. You need that code to process the salary. You can process salary in a single bill except the last month. Last month salary should always be in a separate bill. Use multiple month option in SPARK.
      You should apply to open a GPF account within an year of joining the service.
      GIS - Nominal deduction of 30% is compulsary from the first salary.


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